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Natural, Healthy & Nutritious

Our new, slow drying process creates perfect treats. Slow drying works by removing the water content of the best quality meat and bones sourced from the best quality Export Meat Processors in Australia.

Nothing's artificial. With the water removed, the process enhances the great meaty taste pets love best. It's completely natural, with no deep frying, smoking, chemical drying or artificial processing.

We produce a wide range of products, so your dog will never get bored. Choose from Liver Treats, Roo Chews, Pork Trotters, Pigs Ears and many more.

We produce treats for the following categories:

  • Active Dog
  • Pampered Dog
  • Training Treats and Rewards
  • Dental Care Chews

Now producing a full range of natural "body part" products. All are 100% Australian, all dried through our fully automated ovens.

  • Pigs Ears
  • Pigs Snouts
  • Liver Treats
  • Crumbles (dried lung)
  • Dried Bones
  • Beef Jerky
  • Kangaroo Jerky
  • Kangaroo Bones
  • Dried Pancreas
  • Dried Trachea


Customers include major Grocery chains in Australia under our own brands, and private label manufacture, as well as export to USA and Asian markets.