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About Us  //  The Processing Plant

Partnering with Cool Off

Cool Off currently source and process over 120 tonnes of raw meats per day. The bulk of which is sold to a major Australian pet food processor, with whom our quality control and HACCP procedures have been developed over the 25 years.

Dried & True P/L was founded in February 2010, taking over Aussie Pet Health Treats Pty Ltd (when their parent company entered receivership).

Dried & True P/L saw an opportunity to leverage its unique access to near unlimited raw material by entering into the dried pet treats industry. In acquiring Aussie Pet Health Treats, Dried & True purchased an EU accredited highly sophisticated processing system, a well recognised brand and significant distribution channels. Dried and True initially leased an operating premises at Young for a period of 8 months, and with knowledge gained from this operation, proceeded to construct an advanced processing facility - with significant additional capacity – adjacent to the existing pet food collection plant operated by Cool Off.

Our brand new processing plant was commissioned in November 2010.

Dry Warehouse

The integrated dry warehouse provides 750 pallet spaces of secure, dry storage, with stock rotation and traceability managed by MultiPick - a customised Warehouse Management System. Packing is currently outsourced while we manufacture and install new equipment to fully automate production and warehousing.

Drying Facility

Our drying facility consists of 19 drying ovens, each with the capacity to dry 10,000 pigs' ears in a 24 hour period – or a combined total of 190,000 pigs' ears per day. All ovens are fitted with real-time temperature and humidity controls, ensuring that specific products are dried according to our specially formulated recipes ensuring optimal product quality.

Freezer Store

The plant also contains a 7,000 pallet freezer running at -20°C, and a 30 pallet refrigerated room, operating at 4°C.