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About Us  //  The Environment

Our Commitment

As part of its sustainable-development policy, Dried and True P/L has made a commitment to respecting the environment, in particular by:

  • Protecting natural resources and biodiversity.
  • Contributing to the fight against climate change.
  • Reducing product waste through optimised recycling.

Reducing Our Carbon "Paw" Print

Dried & True P/L is a unique, State of the Art, drying facility located in Southern NSW. All our products are air-dried, not cooked, in Australia's most technically advanced, fully automated, drying and processing system. As part of the development of our system we have installed a solar cell and heat bank to supply a base load over 3,000 kws of pure energy. This means all product from Dried & True will have one of the smallest carbon paw prints of any dried treats made in Australia, or for that matter in the WORLD!!!

Proudly Australian

All our products are made from 100% Australian grown and processed material.